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Rock Nativity Scene Craft

Semi-Natural Rock Nativity Scene

This rock nativity scene is semi-natural, you can go on a nature hunt for the materials.

This Rock Nativity Scene activity is simple so kids can grab the container of supplies and do the craft by themselves.

You can purchase the materials as well, that is up to you on types of materials to use. 

*  The only part the kids need help with is the hot glue part, a grown-up should be using and doing the hot glue part unless the child is old enough to do it while being supervised. 

supply list rock nativity scene craft

When I told Jehzel about this craft he was really excited to get started! 

Before you get started, be sure you have all the supplies first. I recommend putting all supplies into a plastic shoe box sized container for when you are ready to make your Rock Nativity Scene.

Make it into a group activity with your friends, have a parent grab some supplies in larger quantities first here:

Materials For Rock Nativity Scene:

  1. Large flat rocks
  2. Small pebbles
  3. Twigs of different lengths that snap easily
  4. Hot glue gun
  5. Burlap covered canvas
  6. Floral moss
  7. Star shaped confetti

Instructions To Assemble Rock Nativity Scene:

  • Begin by laying out twigs in the shape of a stable on the front of the burlap wrapped canvas. Make the stable large enough to hold all of the nativity characters you plan to include on your canvas. You can view the photo as an idea of the basic shape you need to create.
  • Glue the twigs into place with a hot glue gun once you have them arranged where you would like them to be.

twig moss shaped stable rock nativity scene craft

  • Place a thin layer of hot glue along the twigs that form the stable and press some floral moss into it. Tap off the excess moss gently and allow the glue to dry and harden.

moss twig stable rock nativity scene craft

  • Create a baby Jesus shape for your nativity by finding a medium sized, flat round stone for his body, and a small round pebble for his head. Hot glue him into place in the center of the nativity and leave room under him to create a manger out of twigs.
  • Make a manger for baby Jesus out of twigs and glue it into place under him on the front of the canvas.

manger stable rock nativity scene activity

  • Create other nativity characters of your choosing out of the larger flat stones and the small pebbles. These can include Mary, Joseph, wise men, shepherds and even sheep.
  • Hot glue the different rock characters into place within the stable on the front of your burlap canvas.

manger characters rock nativity scene activity

  • Glue a large star-shaped piece of confetti onto the top of your canvas above the stable.

northern star rock nativity scene craft

You Have Now Completed Your Very

Own Rock Nativity Scene!

Easy and fun, great to display for friends and family to look at when they come and visit you!

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Santa Does Exist, I have Proof!

Santa does exist and I have proof he does!

Santa does exist right mama? Papa, doesn’t Santa exist? Your child came home from school worried that Santa doesn’t exist because a few kids at school or daycare told them something different from what you are doing.

[xmas id=”2″ width=”250px”]


Now they are very concerned, they are worried, scared and stressed out. They have been good little girls and boys most of the year too! 

I know, I have been through this same thing many times and with having a one year old, it will not stop! 

These days kids are more demanding, they need some type of proof, especially since they can easily Google stuff these days!

Guess what … There is Proof that Santa Does Exist, it will not cost you much to show your child this proof either. Plus Google now helps us out with a Santa Tracking Ticker.


I remember with my oldest son, he was three years old. He remembered everything! The morning of Christmas when we told him Santa came, he said “no he didn’t, this is the same exact wrapping paper grandma had in her room!”

Yes, he was that much of a critical thinker. From there on, it never worked out for him to believe in anything about Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy etc. 

Then came along my second child, he believed and for a couple of years his older brother played along. He caught on quickly when kids at school continued saying how Santa didn’t exist. It didn’t help when the school had more of a focus on Hanukkah lol, it was a public school but I think our community were mostly Jewish so that could explain why nothing from other religions were ever discussed. No, I didn’t get mad at it, hey it helped my boys learn something new! 

Then came my third son, he was the same as my oldest, he needs that tangible proof or it just doesn’t exist. By this time, they had some cousins that we were trying to play the Santa game with. It was hard since they had so many outside influences telling them otherwise. 

Now comes along my fourth son who is now eight and this year my toddler. We are continuing with the Santa, Jehzel is eight, he loves Santa. He can’t really comprehend just yet what others tell him so he gets pretty confused. One day he is all over Santa and the next he is questioning his where-about. 



What I am Doing To Show Proof Santa Does Exist

How am I helping my boys belief in Santa? My boys are getting a Package From Santa that will arrive addressed to my boys coming directly from Santa’s workshop in the North Pole! 

To continue showing our Christmas Spirit to the elves we will be doing these fun Elf Activities and I will be behind the scenes capturing all of this activity and placing these wonderful memories inside our Time Capsule.

Yaidan and Jehzel will get a Package From Santa that will show them proof that Santa does exist. Their Santa Goodies will include:

  • Custom Santa Goodies
  • Personalized Phone Call
  • Personalized Santa Movie, Staring My Boys

Watch this quick video on how it all works

Hearing, touching and seeing is believing! Result …

No more non-believers! (Be sure to have your camera ready!)

Jehzel’s Video Arrived Check It Out!

Guide Your Kids To Keep Their Behavior In Check

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 Now it is your turn to also continue the belief that Santa Does Exist, we want to keep the magic alive. Get more Packages From Santa to as many children as possible and strengthen the belief.

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