Chocolate Kisses Games To Help Kids Retain Newly Learned Skills

Chocolate Kisses Games – A Tasty And Fun  Game

These chocolate kisses games will bring on lots of giggles, teach new skills and at the end, becomes a tasty treat. 

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Have Fun Playing Games and When Your Done, A Tasty Snack

Things Your Child Can Learn From This Chocolate Kisses Games

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Simple Math
  • Spelling
  • Sight Words

That is just a few things that your child can learn. They can also improve their eye-hand coordination, patience, perseverance, sportsmanship, turn taking, leadership and many other important skills they need to learn. 

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Have Fun Learning and Then Have a Snack Afterwards!

What’s Needed For Your Chocolate Kisses Games

 With just a few items you can have this chocolate kisses games all set up and ready for playing. 

  1. 16 Hershey Kisses, per set
  2. White Dot Stickers
  3. Colored Markers

You can do all kinds of sets, depends on your child’s needs. A few ideas are letters, animals, shapes, colors, sight words and more. 

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Supplies For Chocolate Kisses Memory Game

How To Set Up Your Chocolate Kisses Games

  • For a Color Matching Game: Using the white stickers, take your 8 favorite colored markers and color 8 sets of stickers a different color on 16 stickers.


  • For a Letter Matching Game: Using the white stickers, write 8 sets of your favorite alphabet letters on 16 stickers.


  • For a Number Matching Game: Using the white stickers, write 8 sets of your favorite numbers on 16 stickers.


  • For a Shapes Matching Game: Using the white stickers, write 8 sets of your favorite shapes on 16 stickers.
choclate kisses used in games. matching game ideas. memory game ideas
Have Fun WHile Learning Too

How To Play Chocolate Kisses Games

Now choose which game you want to make first and take 16 of the Hershey kisses and press a sticker on the bottom of each one.

Spread the kisses out on the table and take turns picking 2 kisses at a time until all the matches are found.

For younger kids, use one set at a time. To make a more challenging game for older kids, use numerous sets at the same time.

memory game ideas
Simple Yet Fun And Tasty!

These Chocolate Kisses Make Memorizing Stuff Pretty Easy Huh!

A great way to have fun and learn at the same time! The best part is when you are done playing you can eat up the chocolate kisses.

Tell me in the comments below what kinds of ideas you have come up with for variations to challenge the kids. Other parents may want to try out your idea!

I want to see your kids photos or video of them playing their own chocolate kisses memory game on our FB page -> Chocolate Kisses Memory Game 

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