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Minecraft Snowman Craft

Your Minecraft Snowman Craft Will Be A Fun Addition To Your Holiday Decor

This Minecraft snowman craft is fairly easy to make and would go great with many holiday decorating sceneries. 

Kids still love Minecraft and who can blame them. Minecraft allows them to get ost into their own self-created little worlds, literally. 

Make multiple Minecraft snowmen, the more the better. Get the supplies in bulk so that the kids can create them altogether.  

The Minecraft snowman craft is a great snow day activity when you are snowed in. 

minecraft. snowman activity. holiday craft. winter craft

Materials Needed For Minecraft Snowman Craft

  1. Download These Snowman Pieces
  2. Paper
  3. Printer
  4. Scissors
  5. Mod Podge
  6. Small paint brush
  7. 3 one-inch wood blocks (can be found on Amazon)
  8. Ribbon (for a scarf)

Your child may be able to do this activity by themselves depending on age. Place all these supplies into a plastic shoebox and add it to their activity center shelve, they can go grab it when they are ready to do it. 

We got lots of material so that we can create multiple little Minecraft snowmen, the best prices I found were on Amazon. 

You can change up the size of the blocks to have bigger Minecraft snowmen. If you didn’t want to print out the snowman pieces you can paint the blocks with some paint and add some glitter so it glistens. 

Instructions To Make Your Minecraft Snowman Craft

  • Print out the snowman printable and carefully trim each piece.
  • Using ModPodge and a small paint brush, glue one piece of “snow” to each side of all 3 wood blocks.

supplies for minecraft snowman craft

  • Next, glue the 3 small squares to one side of a block to resemble buttons.
  • To create the arms, glue the corresponding pieces together. Do not glue the upper shoulder parts together.

snowman arms minecraft

  • Fold back the upper shoulder parts, as shown in the photo.

minecraft snowman arm assembly

  • Glue these shoulders to sides of the same block as the buttons, as shown in the photo.

snowman arm assembly minecraft

  • Tie a piece of ribbon around your snowman to resemble a scarf.

Add More Crafts To Your Routine

Instructions To Assemble Your Minecraft Snowman:

minecraft. snowman activity. holiday craft. winter craft

Ta-Da Your Minecraft Snowman Is Assembled!

I would love to see photos and videos of your kids making theirs! Did you decide to do any variations?  How did your kids do? 

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Berry Best Dad Card Craft

Dad, You’re The Berry Best!

Simply funny Father’s Day card craft that the kids can easily make and Dad will enjoy the fruit of their labor years later. 

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Supply List To Create Berry Best Dad Card Craft

  • Card Stock – White, Red and Green
  • Pencil For Tracing
  • Kids Scissors
  • Thin Markers
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Stamps and Ink (optional)
  • Crayons (optional)
  • Stencils (optional)
  • Stickers (optional) 

Here are some supplies from Amazon in case you need some. I am an Amazon Affiliate if you have questions about it, please refer to my disclosure page.

Dad, You Are The Berry Best Handmade Card

Berry Best Card Instructions

A funny and simple card that your child can possibly do all on their own. Just save the picture of your strawberry, print it out and follow the instructions. 

The wording on the card can be done using stencils, stickers, stamps, or free hand written. Ask your child which do they prefer, giving them two to three ways to choose from will help them customize the card to their liking and helps them with decision-making skills. 

Step One

  1. Right Click and Save Strawberry Template
  2. Print Out The Template 
strawberry template
Save Me To Your Computer And Print Out On Regular Printer Paper

Step Two

  1. Cut Out The Strawberry
  2. Then Cut Off The Top Leaves 
strawberry template
Cut Me Out Please

Step Three

  1. Trace The Leaves Onto Green Card Stock
  2. Trace The Strawberry On Red Cardstock
Trace The Leaves On Green Cardstock and The Strawberry On Red Cardstock

Step Four

 Cut Out Your Strawberry

Step Five

Glue The Leaves On Top Of The Strawberry

Glue The Green Leaves Onto The Strawberry

 Step Six

  1. Glue The Google Eyes Onto The Strawberry
  2. Copy The Words Shown On Photo – This can be done using anything you want to use. Markers, stencils, crayons, stickers etc. 

Customize the inside of the card with anything dad will love. 

Glue The Eyes On And Add The Words As Shown. Then Fill In The Inside Of The Card With Anything You Like


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Basic Witch Costume How To

Basic Witch Costume How To

What is more fun than being a witch for Halloween? Well, of course making a mess .. I mean making the costume ourself right! Mom, you are so busy with making sure the kids are all set, how about giving these simple instructions for a witch costume to the kids to make on their own, of course with your supervision and guidance.

Letting your child make their own costume isn’t just fun for them, it frees up your own time too. Ok, ok had to put that in there, but it actually teaches your child many things too.

  • How to follow instructions. Best Life Skill Ever!
  • Get creative, though there are instructions, they can use it as more of a general guide and put their own spin on it.
  • Fine and gross motor skills. Things like cutting, gluing even painting.

– Just to name a few.

How to Make Your Own Witch Costume for Halloween

Children love to dress up during Halloween. And if you still love to dress up, mine do it all year long. The following information will give you ideas on how to make a great Halloween costume with items you probably already have in your home.

Witches are a part of history both in the United States and around the world. While Hollywood has given us different images of witches, historical drawings show them wearing pointy black hats and black flowing gowns. They may also wear a cape of some type.

Since the stereotypical image of a witch is as described above, these directions will explain how to create that type of costume. Here are the items you’ll need to create a pointy hat:

Black paint and paint brush
Black ribbon

Make a cone from the newspaper. After you’re sure the cone will fit your head, tape the edges both inside and out to help the cone maintain its shape.

  1. Place the cone you’ve created on the cardboard. Trace around the outside of the cone to mark where your head will go. Then draw another circle, 4 to 5 inches wider, to create the brim. Carefully cut both of these out.
  2. Push the cone into the center and tape it to the brim. For added stability, tape the cone on top and underneath to secure the brim to the cone. Finish the witch’s hat by painting it black and adding a black ribbon to cover the seam.

For the rest of the costume you can wear black clothing. A skirt or dress with ragged edges can be used, along with a long-sleeved black shirt and black cape. Pointy-toed boots and dark stockings will complete the clothing part of the costume.

Don’t forget that make-up makes a woman or a witch. Use temporary gray dye or powder in your hair to make you look older. Make a pointy nose out of clay and use make-up to create a greenish complexion. Black out one or more teeth and you’re set to give other party-goers or trick-or-treaters a toothy grin.

Some witches have been shown having a large wart or mole. To create one of these, you can use an eyeliner pencil to draw it on either your nose or your chin. This will complete your costume.

Once you know how to make your own witch costume for Halloween it may give you the confidence you need to make other costumes in the future. You can also use these tips to create costumes all year round. Here are some witch printables too. witch