Dizzy Mama Workout

Dizza Mama Workout!

Hey, I have been so busy creating new and exciting things for you! While I was sitting on my butt putting things together, nursing the baby and other things, I kind of “got off track” in my workout routines.

But, that will no longer happen! I am focused, determined and motivated, but I am needing you to PUSH ME! Like, over the edge, CALL ME OUT if you do not see me saying what I’ve done that day. I am working towards a Tuned Up Body, and I’d love for you to join in too.

Why am I on this Tuned Up Body Binge?

Well, I have always been, for years. I recently had my fifth baby, fourth cesarean section. Well, it has been rough this time around, I will be sharing my birth story at another time. My why, it isn’t about loosing weight, however the weight and my belly will get back to or pretty darn close to my pre-children state. Or, that is my goal. When I am not working on myself, self improving, it just makes me miserable in many ways. Do you notice the same for your self? Well, I am just miserable and – just over it. So, I am doing what i do best, self care! And I want you to join me. How can you join? Well, that depends are you ready to push through multiple barriers? Are you ready for the non sugar coated reality of working on yourself? YES, ok then, let’s do this!

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3 thoughts on “Dizzy Mama Workout”

  1. Good for you! It took me until my twins were three to get motivated to get back to my healthy self. I've been eating healthy and working out since May, and I've lost over 30 lbs. It really feels great. I wish you the same success!
  2. this is a great idea, I try to make a minimum of things I need to do everyday and get em done! Right now is the handstand challenge, good luck!!! Ill shoot you some messages to make sure you are keeping up with it ;)

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