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Father’s Day Posters and Coupons For Dad And Me Days

Posters and Coupons To Help Encourage More Dad And Me Time

These Father’s Day printable coupons and posters will offer many opportunities for more Dad And Me moments to strengthen the bond between dad and child. 

He works many hours leaving little time for anything else. These coupons can be used as small yet fun reminders to ensure the most important task of being a parent is nurtured. 

Here is what the first page of the Father’s Day Coupon Booklet looks like


The Dad and Me Coupon Book Helps Encourage More One On One Time

Our team created this five-page coupon booklet with different things that dad can do with the kids. This gives more opportunities for them to bond, connect and improve their relationship…. while giving mom a break as well. 

These ideas can be used over and over again. Print out a few copies, one set for each child. To make them last longer and get more reusable time with them, laminate them. 

Be sure to grab some pictures and video of the kids and dad enjoying each others company. They will be able to look back at them years later and be reminded of those sweet moments. 

Fun Father’s Day Posters To Frame

Get some materials to make a custom decorated frame for these posters. Have each of the kids decorate the frames and add the posters to the inside. 

These Posters For Dad will help him remember how important his role is in a child’s life.

Father’s Day Posters Can Be Placed Inside Custom Decorated Frames and Coupons To Encourage More Dad and Me Bonding Time.



 Click On Each Photo Above To Grab Free Printables | Save To Your Computer | Print And Use | Let Us Know How It Turned Out | Download Link → Father’s Day Coupon and Poster Set

Unicorn Valentine’s Day Cards Printable

Unicorn Valentine’s Day Cards

– Just Download and Print

Unique Unicorn Valentine’s day cards for your child to feel extra special. These are unique as is most of my other printables. Your child will love handing out something that will not be the same as everyone else in their class. 

These unicorns can easily be placed inside Goody Bags for their classmates. They are little keepsakes for years to come many times. 

Help your child create and build good memories and foster healthy friendships that can last a lifetime. 

    1. Click the photo preview below and request your download
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    3. Download your Valentine cards on your computer where it is easy to find
    4. Print out the cards at your convenience on Card Stock 
    5. Use them as is or place inside or attach them to Valentine Goody Bags

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Come back and tell us how your child used theirs and share your experience

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Bunny and Bird Valentine’s Day Cards

Bunny and Bird Valentine’s Day Cards

These kids Bunny and Bird Valentine’s Day cards will make your little one feel special. Their friends will love these lovely Valentine’s Day cards because they aren’t the same thing the other kids have in their classroom. 

Valentine’s Day is full of love and friendship. February is a month where we are reminding each other how much we care and appreciate someone else. We tell them how much they mean to us and how important they are to us. 

Bunny and Bird Valentine's Day printable cards for kids.
Unique Valentine’s Day printable cards will be something to keep and remember.

Let your child show their appreciation for their classmates or for their co-op if you use co-ops in your homeschool agenda. 

These Bunny and Bird Valentine’s are unique, the other children don’t have them. They will be happy to get something different, no duplicates here!

Add them inside some Valentine Goody Bags to give more than just a card. I love to put together Goody Bags, check out these I am putting together. 

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  4. Print out the cards at your convenience on Card Stock 
  5. Use them as is or place inside or attach them to Valentine Goody Bags

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Preview of Bunny and Bird Valentine’s Day Cards

Free Hanukkah Download and Print Activity Pack

The Holiday Spirit Begins With Family

Hanukkah is an important time to love and honor family. It was so amazing the light lasted so long. I really enjoy my friends who celebrate Hanukkah. They share not just interesting recipes, but also great family traditions and family time experiences. This truly warms my soul.

So I wanted to share something of my own with my Jewish friends. 

This Hanukkah Activity printable pack was created to give your child a little something to do. Complete as a family or have a group of kids do them together. Download, print and use. We would love to hear about how your family celebrates Hanukkah. Tell us in the comments about your Family Hanukkah Celebrations.


What is Hanukkah?

Festival of Lights, is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple (the Second Temple) in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt of the 2nd century BCE. Hanukkah is observed for eight nights and days, starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, which may occur at any time from late November to late December in the Gregorian calendar. (source Hebcal)

My family wanted to come up with something for their Jewish friends so we came up with a Festival Of Lights printable activities pack. 

We are also printing it out and the boys will be sharing what they learned and came up with here. 




Happy Hanukkah Everyone!




This word-search can also double as a way to learn about each of the words and how they relate to

The Festival Of Lights




Another fun activity plus you can get creative and play around with the words. Get the children to create an amazing story related to The Festival Of Lights, I would love to hear what they come up with. Can you share with us in the comments what they came up with? 



My family is not Jewish but we have lots of great friends that are. I like my children to know about various religions and cultures. I want them to not be ignorant when they become adults and go out there into the real world. 

  • Our Family Does Not Believe In Being Closed Minded

They are encouraged to freely learn and have very open and detailed conversations with us. Religion and belief is no different for us. It isn’t our jobs as parents to dictate, push or coerce our children into believing or following something that we do. They are absolutely free without judgement to follow their own paths. 

They wanted to learn about what the Menorah is and what it symbolizes. We once lived in a community where the elementary school talked lots about all the Jewish holidays, so they would at times bring home different arts and crafts about The Festival Of Lights. So I think it is important for the kids to learn about other holidays, not just ones we celebrate.




A fun poem to highlight important points about the Hanukkah celebrations.




Another little activity to help the kids learn about important words related to The Festival Of Lights.

Share in the comments below, how your family celebrates

The Festival Of Lights – Hanukkah Traditions.

What else should I help my boys learn about it? 

Click the Festival Of Lights Preview photo to get your free download and print at your convenience activity pack




Free Kids Elf Activity Cards for Blissful Holiday Memories

Use These Elf Activity Cards to

Open the Holiday Spirit

Kids Elf Activity Cards are a fun way to get the kids even more excited for the holidays. These are free to download and print at your own convenience. 


I suggest laminating them and cutting them out so they are easy to use, handle and last a long time. They can be passed onto another family if they are laminated to protect them. 

elf-cards-set-1-sample-previewStay Tuned to See What We Came Up With!


These activities are great to do as a family or individually. 


How to get and use these Elf Activity Cards

  1. Click the photo preview below and request your download
  2. Confirm with us that yes you are excited to get your free Elf Activity Cards
  3. Download your activity cards on your computer where it is easy to find
  4. Print out the cards, they are on three separate sheets to easily print at your convenience
  5. Laminate the cards and cut them out. This makes them last for a long time and easier to handle.
  6. Complete the different suggested activities either as a family or as individuals and then come together as a family and show off to each-other what each of you came up with!


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Halloween Goodies Swap Challenge

Halloween Goodies Swap Challenge

I am challenging you to participate in a Nutritional Halloween Snack Swap. How many times have we gone trick-or-treating during Halloween and get a humongous bag full of candy for our little ones?


Every single year, right! With so much information out there about our nutritional needs we can especially use them for Halloween too.


Halloween marks a time when many begin to fall off their wagon and give into all the sugar and simple carbs that we are bombarded with.


We can begin to change this behavior starting out with our children is really important.

What we do with our children today shapes their entire future. Below are some interesting things to offer.

Goodies don’t have to be just candy anymore.

Halloween time has such a huge selection of fun things to use as goodies for Halloween parties and even your trick-or-treaters.

Greet your Halloween guests with various Halloween goodies such as toys, books and a wide range of tasty snacks.

For example when your party guests arrive, greet them with a smoothie. Instead of juice, a smoothie is a nutritional Halloween Snack Swap choice. This smoothie is also a great choice to take along your Halloween Trick-or-Treat route.


 Year after year, it is the same thing. Going from neighbor to neighbor all handing out things that contribute to diabetes and other health issues.

What about those children who have food allergies? Or children whose parents do not give them candy. Offering alternatives for children allows more children to participate.


What about tired toddlers and preschoolers? Having a toddler and preschooler party allows children in these age ranges to feel included in the festivities. It gets tiring walking around.

Do you host or attend a Toddler Halloween Party?

I am already planning my toddler and preschool friendly Halloween party for next year.

What else can you include in your Halloween Goodies Swap

It is time we adopt new Halloween goodies traditions.  Have you ever tried to hand out something other than candies like little toys little mini books crayons, coloring books and healthy snacks.


These are some fun Halloween goodies to pass out that gives the children something else to do, other than goggle up cavities….. ooops, I mean candy.

There Are a Variety Of Nutritional Halloween Snacks Are Available Including Activities to Use Them With

Have you seen Kate’s Green Halloween Treats I love her ideas, they are fun and the kids don’t even realize the focus is on healthier snacks.

I saw that Earths Best has little cookies with letters on it. How cool is that to give away some little snacks that has letters on them. Not only are they a nutritional snack but also a fun activity the kids can use for spelling out words.

We went and picked up some letter cookies


They can help each other spell their name, a  pets name,  your name,  dad’s name oh my gosh just the possibilities would be endless.

What a great way to introduce your preschooler into phonics as well. Letter recognition, matching letters and even beginning how to spell two letter to three letter words.  


Confessions Of A Homeschooler offers free Letter Of the Week printables, she has paid versions too. Use resources like this with these cookies, it is perfect and it fits really well with it too.


What Nutritional Halloween Snacks Did You Make The Switch With? 

You can give your child a pouch food to snack on while your trick-or-treating or just before you go trick-or-treating that way they’re not saying “hey I want to piece of candy”. Not knowing whether the candy from this house or that house is a safe piece of candy before you can get a chance to check the candy to make sure it’s OK.

Check out the snack variety Ella’s Kitchen offers


I highly suggest  taking along some snacks to give your child a snack for the Halloween adventures.

 I took the Nutritional Halloween Snack Swap Challenge and here is what I came up with:

  1. Ella’s Kitchen pouch foods 
  2. Ella’s Kitchen juice box and a smoothie
  3. Earth’s Best letters and their chocolate chip cookies in a little Ziploc bag 

Before we left my toddler ate some of his fruit and veggie melts that I make for him daily.



What choices did you make for the Nutritional Halloween Snack Swap? Give us some suggestions in the conversation below. 

Here are some other Spooky Halloween things to do too

Bloody Eye Popcorn

Picture 1 of 9

Here is the simple recipe: ½ c dehydrated strawberries, ground into powder. 4 c of popcorn, popped. 1 Tbl. Betsy’s Best peanut butter, almond butter or seedbutter. 3 Tbl. rice syrup 4 Tbl. butter 1 bag eyeball candy Melt together the butter, Betsy’s Best and rice syrup in a microwave for approximately 30 45 seconds, remove and stir until smooth. Add the strawberry powder and mix until smooth. Pour over popcorn in a bowl and mix with spatula.


School Planner and Preparation Printable

Prepare for the School Year with these Resources

School is about to start, are you ready for it? Using these school preparations, tips, guides and printable kits will help you and your child get through the entire school year.


School Prep and Planner Printable Kit

I have created some things for you to print out and use all year long. Laminate them so that they are more durable. Using expo markers on the laminate means you print only once and use over and over, money saver.  

 Grab Your Free Printable School Prep and Planner Kit 


school checklist school shopping list

Planning and Preparing Multiple Kids 

This year I have three children in school, and yes we still do homeschool partially as well. 

Our homeschool is the same as when we did it full-time, still more on the laid back side. However, they do attend public school full-time so we need to keep track and be well prepared each day for less stress and more success. 

We use the school shopping list to refer to every month to make sure that we have enough supplies to last them. 

The kids use the other school printables on their own to keep themselves accountable. This teaches them to be responsible for themselves. 

They can easily check off as they go along to make sure they have everything they need for the next day. 

Guiding them on how to use each page means I know they understand the reasoning and why it is important. It also reduces the amount of work that I need to do as well. Just because I am the mom doesn’t mean that I am also their hands, brain, and feet too.  

Not only will they be able to help themselves but they will also learn things like shopping, budgeting, organizing, cooking and even meal prep too. 

Since I have multiple children it will also help my sanity by passing on some tasks to the children, they will greatly benefit from it. As brothers, they can also help one another stay on track. One brother can get a snowball effect started.

For example, check out what is on sale that week for their meals and snacks, then putting together a shopping list, helping save money, doing the actual shopping and all the way until the end. The kids can work together and accomplish lots of things in a smaller amount of time.   

 Grab Your Free Printable School Prep and Planner Kit 



Nautical Fathers Day Card Plus Mini Newspaper Activity

Here’s A Nautical Fathers Day Card Plus And Activity Printable Pack

Want to give an inexpensive Father’s Day gift to dad? Are you looking for some Father’s Day activities that Papa can do with his kids and create fun memories? 

You have stumbled in the right spot then! 

Papa Needs A Sentimental Keepsake Father’s Day Card

Does Papa enjoy the nautical scene? Here is a cute Nautical Father’s Day Card to download, print and add your love for future reminiscing when his kids are all grown. 


nautical themed fathers day card to print


Help Papa Feel Super Important With His Very Own Mini Newspaper

A Mini Father’s Day Newspaper to remind him how much he is needed, wanted, not forgotten, is important and loved. 

Many times Papa doesn’t get the floodlights shined on him in a positive manner. He works lots and maybe isn’t getting all the recognition he can use to help him improve his mood and motivation. 

Show him that he is truly loved, important in his child’s life and appreciated. This mini newspaper includes

Front Page – Make Papa a parent celebrity with his very own Front Page 

Coloring Page – A cool coloring page the kids can color on their own or alongside their Papa, don’t forget to snap some memorable Dad and Me pictures.

Mad Libs – A fun way for Papa and the kids to create some pretty interesting stories! Grab some pictures for Dad and Me moments and for this, I also recommend some video too. It would be a fun time. 

fathers day mini newspaper kids activity peintable


 Click On Each Photo Above To Grab Free Printables | Save To Your Computer | Print And Use | Let Us Know How It Turned Out | Download Links → Mini Fathers Day Newspaper  and   Nautical Father’s Day Card

Free Breastfeeding Printable Bundle


Grab These Breastfeeding Printable Pages To Help You With The Journey

This breastfeeding printable has lots of helpful pages to help you from planning, how to deal with non-breastfeeders, and even going back to work!

Please make sure that you have the most up to date Breastfeeding Printable Bundle – WHen you signup, we will email you with the latest version, just in case it didn’t get to you, sign up again. This printable is updated as information changes and I add more pages. 

breastfeeding. lactation. nursing. breastpump.

The Breastfeeding Printable That Does It All For You

I wanted to create something for breastfeeding moms to help them have a better outcome and experience with breastfeeding.Whether you are feeding directly from the breast, using donor milk, going back to work or pumping for other babies, there is something to help you out. 

Are you nervous or wondering how other moms experiences were, check out these Breastfeeding Stories Here

This Breastfeeding Printable pack includes things like

  • Travel Cards
  • Hospital Cards
  • Reminders
  • Tips and Tricks

That is just a few of the goodies you will find inside. I created it so that you can easily print them out on Avery 8876 Double-Sided Business Cards, I recommend getting them on thick cardstock or you can even get a few hundred printed up through Vista Print, for less than twenty dollars. Why would you want to print so many? Once you open up the whole bundle, you will see some of the cards are made so that you print them up and give them to others, depends on the card. 

Bassinet Breastfeeding Printable

This is for you to use in the hospital or even at home when the baby first comes home. This is handy if you happen to have helpers coming in, the babies info is right there for them to be reminded of important info. 

breastfeeding. bassinet hospital card. lactation.

Also included with the bassinet card is a quick tips section. This helps remind yourself and possibly others how to help you begin your breastfeeding journey on the right foot. 

Breastfeeding Printable Tracking Log

Many moms feel more comfortable tracking their babies first few weeks. This time can be overwhelming and exhausting, so this tracking log can help alleviate some stress about your babies feeding routine. 

This is not meant to say that baby must feed from both sides for a specific amount of time. It is meant to help you and any helpers learn your babies feeding pattern. 

breastfeeding log. infant feeding tracker. infant feeding log.Breastfeeding .

Breastfeeding your baby should not be timed, but it can be helpful to learn your babies feeding routines so that you can plan for things like going out and handling other life tasks. Let baby feed on one side for as long as they want to, when they unlatch on their own, burp, change the diaper, burp again and then try to offer the second side. It is ok if baby chooses to not take both sides. 

Tracking helped me learn that my baby got full on one or both sides at certain times of the daytime. It was easier to plan for doctor appointments, showers, cleaning and spending time with myself and other family members. 

Your Right To Breastfeed Should Not Be Someone Else’s Decision!

Breastfeeding is biologically normal. We are created to begin life getting nourished with our own customized milk that moms body produces. It should never be illegal to breastfeed your child in any part of the world. Will people have their own preferences, sure, it is 2017, but that does not give others the ability to make a decision that needs to be moms only. 

ability to breastfeed. breastfeed, lactation.

This license to breastfeed cards are meant for you to print out multiple cards onto thick cardstock in a business card size. This makes it super easy to toss inside your diaper bag and hand out to those nay-sayers or people who think it is their right to intrude in your personal space, your personal business and try to dictate whether or not you should be breastfeeding, how to breastfeed, for how long and the hottest “controversy”…. to cover or do not cover. 

states legal to breastfeed in. breastfeeding friendly states. breastfeeding laws.

These are cards that I print double-sided in business card size in the hundreds. They are small, handy and have good info to show the other person that breastfeeding is normal and is also legal and no, you do not have to practically suffocate your baby under a cover in order to nurse the baby. 

Never breastfeed a baby in the bathroom! This is highly disgusting, extremely unsanitary… You Would Never Eat In A Bathroom, Please Do Not Breastfeed Or Pump Milk Inside One.

Break Time For Breastfeeding And Pumping Moms

One of the hardest times for a breastfeeding mom is the decision to go back to work. Everything about it has so many emotions and things to consider. Thankfully, though we should not need something that is so biologically normal, we have laws that protect your decision and journey to continue giving breastmilk to your baby. 

take enough breaks for successful breastfeeding. breastfeeding. breastfeeding breaks


Thank You For Nursing Your Baby

I know, I know it can be quite weird when someone comes up to you or you are approached and someone Thanks You for doing something that should be expected, something that is biologically normal… But these days, it is very helpful to have someone come up to you and give you a “breast” bump haha. 

If you participate in a local nurse-in or during World Breastfeeding Week, print up multiple sets of these cards and create Breast Goody Bags, this is what I do and hand them out. If you would like to have me make these for you, and all you have to do is pass them out, please email

Click On This Photo To Grab Your Breastfeeding Printable Bundle

breastfeeding. breastfeeding in public.

This is another card that I print out onto business cards, in the hundreds. When I see a mom nursing her baby, or getting ready to or even when I see familiar breastfeeding friendly items, I try to go up to them, nicely and being friendly and give them this card, it is like a fist-bump in solidarity. 

  • Please Note That Not All The Pages Included Are Listed Here In This Post. Also, These Photos Will Not Print Correctly If You Try To Save And Print. These Photos Are Only For The Visual Purpose For You Tko See Some Of The Pages Included. You Will Get The High-Resolution Ready To Print Files Sent Through Your EMail Provided. You Can Click Any Of The Photos To Request Your Free Breastfeeding Printable.

Tell Us In The Comments How You Used This Breastfeeding Printable Bundle – Any Suggestions For Add-Ons?

Robot Valentine’s Day Bottle Labels and Treat Boxes

Robot Valentine’s Day Bottle Labels and Treat Boxes

These Robot Water Bottle Labels and Treat Boxes are perfect for handing out to classmates. 

Unique Robot Water Bottle Labels with Matching Treat Boxes just download, print and use.

Whether you are a teacher or have a child who will be handing out Valentine’s to their classmates, these are a fun addition. 

Fun robot theme is neutral, the labels easily fit water bottles and the treat boxes hold just enough treats to not overwhelm.

Unique robot theme gives your child the added measure that their theme isn’t the same as others in the classroom.

Child-Friendly Do It Themselves Activity

Robot Water Bottle Label Directions:

Promote something healthy to drink, nicely decorated in a unique but fun way. Print out on thick paper or magazine type of paper. Cut out, wrap the label around the water bottle and use a drop of glue to close it together. Add a heart sticker for added cuteness. 

Robot Treat Boxes Directions:

Get a few tasty treats to add inside these treat boxes. You can get some foam hearts and write fun sayings on them. Add the foam hearts around the treats to dress it up a little. 

Print the boxes on thick, sturdy cardstock paper. Cut out, fold along lines. Be sure to secure the ends with glue so they don’t come apart during transport to kids homes. 

Putting your Robot Themed Valentine Treats altogether

Get some nice treat bags, place filled treat box inside, your decorated water bottle along with a Valentine addressed to each child in the classroom. I recommend the handled bags because they are easier for the kids to carry. 


Affilate Link 


How To Get Robot Water Bottle Labels and Treat Boxes

  1. Click the photo preview below and request your download
  2. Confirm with us that yes you are excited to get your free Robot Water Bottle Labels with Matching Treat Boxes
  3. Download your Robot Bottle Labels with matching Treat Boxes on your computer where it is easy to find
  4. Print out the cards at your convenience on Thick Card Stock 



Click Robot Photo To Get Your Download