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Light Up Valentines Day Cards and Goodies

You Light Up My Life Valentine’s Day Goodies

Light Up Valentines Day goody bags and cards only need a few items and some little hands to complete. 

Cute Light Up Valentine’s Day Cards and Goodies is easy to do, the kids will have fun putting them together. 

kids valentines day ideas
You Light Up My Life Valentines Day Cards and Goody Bags

When your child is done making these, they will be able to gift their friends some goodies and a little friendly card bundled together. They will have fun making them, eating candies along the way, playing with the little toys and in the end, they will have put it together all by themselves!

Materials Needed To Create Your Light Up Valentine’s Day Cards and Goodies

  1. Clear Valentine’s themed bags 
  2. Glow in the dark stars and shapes
  3. Ribbon
  4. Scissors
  5. Hole punch
  6. “You Light Up My Life” Valentine printable – get here -> Light Up My Life Cards
  7. A few different types of candies

For added light up fun grab a few different light up and glow in the dark items. It will help fill up the goody bag and offer more items that aren’t exactly candy related. 

Here are some glow in the dark and light up suggestions:

kids valentines day goody bag ideas
Supplies Needed To Make These Goody Bags

Instructions To Assemble The Light Up Valentine’s Day Cards and Goodies

The assembly of these goodies is fairly easy to allow older children to do it themselves. For the younger children, they may need help with cutting and tying. 

All the children may have to be reminded to save some toys and candies for the actual goody bags, I know mine will be digging into those first. 

  • Cut out the “You Light Up My Life” Valentines from the printable.
valentines day cards
Cut Apart The Cards
  • Put the glow in the dark, light up items and some tasty candies into a clear Valentine’s themed bag.

Add a little bit of everything to help fill up the bag with both tasty candies and toys for more fun. 

  • Punch a hole into each Valentine.
valentines day kids cards
Use A Heart Shaped Hole Puncher To Make Ribbons Hole
  • Tie the Valentines around the top of each bag with the ribbon of your choosing.

See just a few items and steps to assemble your light up Valentines, you have made a fun Valentines Day goody bag that everyone will live. It won’t just have a few pieces of candies that will be gone in one day. You thought ahead and added some toys and possibly other items to make it last longer. 


kids valentines day goody bags
All Done!

Suggestions For Some Customization Of Your Light Up Valentines

You can use glitter glue to add each child’s name to the card. First, use a pencil to lightly write out their name. Then trace it with glow in the dark glitter glue. 

If you find some glow in the dark letters, you can use those to add each child’s name to the card. Use a pencil to lightly mark where to place the letters.

You can outline the stars on the front of the cards with glow in the dark glitter glue too. 

I would love to see how yours came out.  Can you show me your photos on our FB page please, -> Light Up Valentines Day Cards and Goody Bags

Rock Nativity Scene Craft

Semi-Natural Rock Nativity Scene

This rock nativity scene is semi-natural, you can go on a nature hunt for the materials.

This Rock Nativity Scene activity is simple so kids can grab the container of supplies and do the craft by themselves.

You can purchase the materials as well, that is up to you on types of materials to use. 

*  The only part the kids need help with is the hot glue part, a grown-up should be using and doing the hot glue part unless the child is old enough to do it while being supervised. 

supply list rock nativity scene craft

When I told Jehzel about this craft he was really excited to get started! 

Before you get started, be sure you have all the supplies first. I recommend putting all supplies into a plastic shoe box sized container for when you are ready to make your Rock Nativity Scene.

Make it into a group activity with your friends, have a parent grab some supplies in larger quantities first here:

Materials For Rock Nativity Scene:

  1. Large flat rocks
  2. Small pebbles
  3. Twigs of different lengths that snap easily
  4. Hot glue gun
  5. Burlap covered canvas
  6. Floral moss
  7. Star shaped confetti

Instructions To Assemble Rock Nativity Scene:

  • Begin by laying out twigs in the shape of a stable on the front of the burlap wrapped canvas. Make the stable large enough to hold all of the nativity characters you plan to include on your canvas. You can view the photo as an idea of the basic shape you need to create.
  • Glue the twigs into place with a hot glue gun once you have them arranged where you would like them to be.

twig moss shaped stable rock nativity scene craft

  • Place a thin layer of hot glue along the twigs that form the stable and press some floral moss into it. Tap off the excess moss gently and allow the glue to dry and harden.

moss twig stable rock nativity scene craft

  • Create a baby Jesus shape for your nativity by finding a medium sized, flat round stone for his body, and a small round pebble for his head. Hot glue him into place in the center of the nativity and leave room under him to create a manger out of twigs.
  • Make a manger for baby Jesus out of twigs and glue it into place under him on the front of the canvas.

manger stable rock nativity scene activity

  • Create other nativity characters of your choosing out of the larger flat stones and the small pebbles. These can include Mary, Joseph, wise men, shepherds and even sheep.
  • Hot glue the different rock characters into place within the stable on the front of your burlap canvas.

manger characters rock nativity scene activity

  • Glue a large star-shaped piece of confetti onto the top of your canvas above the stable.

northern star rock nativity scene craft

You Have Now Completed Your Very

Own Rock Nativity Scene!

Easy and fun, great to display for friends and family to look at when they come and visit you!

Post Your Photos On Our Facebook Post For This Rock Nativity Scene Craft

Handmade Christmas Gift Challenge

Handmade Christmas Gifts Are The Most Thoughtful Heartwarming Items To Exchange With Others

Join me this Christmas season in the Handmade Christmas Gifts Challenge. During this week-long challenge, we will be making lifetime memories with our kids and gifting handmade Christmas gifts. 

handmade christmas bootcamp

It will be a fun week for us and I get to spend some fun time with the kids. Lately, we have been back and forth to school and doctor appointments, not very fun at all! So I plan to use this Handmade Christmas Gifts challenge to get them engaged in family activities and get some good conversations going on about things that matter the most to them. 

Handmade Gifts Help Build Character In Kids

Kids who get engaged in making things by hand and giving them as gifts can learn lots of things and will help build and shape their character. It is a time where you can easily have a conversation with the kids. They are more relaxed and their willingness to talk is more open. Arts and crafts along with some nice music playing and tasty snacks are a great mixture and set up for learning more about your child, what they are thinking, up to, what is happening at school and it is a great time to instill some traits for character building.

Handmade Christmas Gifts Saves Money

So not only are you engaged in quality time with the kids making lifetime memories but you will save money by going the handmade gifts route too. This helps children learn about money saving and that a store-bought item isn’t the only giftable items on the planet. 

Handmade Gifts Are More Thoughtful And Appreciated

When you get a handmade gift, the feeling you get is different from when you get something that was bought from the store. Unless it was a unique item, it is just an item that many others have too. 

With handmade, even if someone follows the same pattern or instructions, they can make it ten times and have ten different outcomes. Each one will be slightly different than the other. 

Use As Part Of Your Homeschool Activities

These activities can easily be woven into classes such as home economics, volunteering, and in other subjects too. It is great practice for fine motor, thinking skills, hand-eye coordination and other important skills. 

As a family, you can make many items in multiples to hand out to those who need them or even adopt a nursing home to make gifts for. Another great way to show community workers gratitude is to make some handmade gifts to hand out to them. 

What Will We Be Doing During The Handmade Gifts Challenge

Learn How To:

  • Make Pot Holders
  • Make Tinted Lip Balm
  • Make Beeswax Wraps
  • Make Apple Butter
  • Make Hand Cream, Soap, and Bath Salts
  • Make Vanilla Extract, Infused Maple Syrup
  • And much much more

The Bootcamp opens October 9th, but take advantage of the pre-sale and save big! Get access to everything for only $29.97, but only until October 10th when the price goes up.

We do not own a sewing machine but we can certainly still learn some basic sewing skills, it would be great for me to make sure that my kids know at least the basics. We are already gathering supplies to make various things during this challenge. 

We will be adding essential oils into the bath items, we will focus on blends that offer relaxing essences. 

We recently went to our local farmers market and got a cool candle made from beeswax, now the boys want to try it out themselves with making things with beeswax. 

While we hope that everything turns out flawless, we are extreme beginners, so new that we had to buy arts and crafts supplies and kits, since we didn’t have anything on hand haha! We will not let that stop us, we will explore so many things during this time. 

Join Us This Year And Show Us Your Handmade Gifts

hand made gifts

Participating in World Breastfeeding Week

I am a Pro-Lactation Activist –

World Breastfeeding Week Is A Great Normalizing Start

Being a lactation counselor is so rewarding to me. I get to help hundreds of you in your journey, whether it’s for a few days or five years, I am happy to help you!

Are you joining and participating in the Big Latch-On and celebrating World Breastfeeding Week? #WBW2017

Let me just seriously point out that I am not at all against formula! Please do not even go there, I have happily used it for the last 30 years.

Supporting Moms Across The World With Their Breastfeeding Journey

I want to support you and help you in any ways that I can. I shared my personal breastfeeding journey and others have also joined in too. Be sure to check out these Breastfeeding and Pumping Journey’s Here. I want to hear your experience too, use the conversation box at the bottom of that post to let us know.

Breastfeeding for me hasn’t been easy but I wouldn’t have gone any other way unless there was a medical reason for it’and I have been down that path too. 

I breastfeed in public, no cover. I used to have a cover for one of my kids, but that wore off fairly quickly haha. This doesn’t mean that my breasts are all out there, quite the opposite, they are 100% covered! Whether you breastfeed with a cover or not, you are totally doing perfect!

I never had support in my own journey, I wish I did. It wasn’t until my third child was already in failure to thrive that I finally found mom forums for NICU babies, and that is where and when I started to get support for anything lactation related.

Thankfully you don’t have to go through it alone. You have the Whole World Here To Back You Up!

Celebrating You As A Lactating Mom

If you have taken on the extra steps of pumping for your children because you are working, going to school or baby just didn’t latch, you are doing wonderful!

If you are pumping milk and donating it to babies in need… WHOA there super-mama Thank You! 

No matter how your child is getting their breast milk please know that you are starting your child off with some long term benefits in many areas of their life. 

Whether your child got only colostrum or if your child got breast milk for their first six years, just know it is OK and such a superb beginning for them. 

Thank You To The New Laws To Get And Keep Babies On Breastmilk Longer

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I actually learned that we as humans “needed” laws to breastfeed our babies?!?!

We now have laws here in the United States that allow babies to get the milk they Need and Require for optimal health and nutrition. We shouldn’t need the laws, it is actually human rights really, but I am happy there are laws in place to protect these babies. 

Thank You to each of the companies who are providing lactating moms a safe, hostile free, clean environment for moms to pump out milk for children. 

How Can I help And Support You With Your Lactation Journey?

I would love to help you, I have had the pleasure to help others, and I want you to be next. You can ask questions below, you can request to join a Lactation FB group I admin for or you can even contact me either on my FB Page or my Instagram Account

I want to hear how you are participating this week and what you are up to!

Tell me in the conversation box below what you are doing. We would love to see your photos and if ever you would like for us to show your pictures in our blog posts or on our social media accounts like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook etc, please do send us what you’d like us to post to 

Gallery Of Lactation Info, Breastfeeding, and Pumping Pictures


Organizing Kids With Personalized Labels

Helping The Kids Stay Organized With Custom Peel And Stick Labels

Keeping kids organized can be such a chore these days. They really just want to go out and play with friends; Who can blame them huh. Get custom labels to help your family in many ways.

 This is a sponsored post brought to you by Label Daddy to help you save money and help your family stay organized. Please check out my affiliate and sponsors disclosure if you have any questions.

Start them off early, like when they are a toddler. It may seem silly because they can’t read yet. It will help them lots starting out early like when they are a toddler. It will help them with letter recognition and early reading skills. 

You can make labels for colors, type of toys to match the box it goes in, and just about anything you like to help with reading skills. 

Photo credit: Label Daddy

These labels can be personalized, they are washable, yes even in the dishwasher and easy to peel and stick. 

Choose your favorite colors, team, characters and more to get them as customized as you like. Your child will be easily able to recognize their own stuff this way. 

We will be using our labels for both home and school, I have a couple of younger ones and one happens to be a toddler. He is in the “mine” stage, so it is a great time to get him his own custom labels so we can begin guiding him with learning to be and stay organized as well as helping him with ownership and responsibility for his belongings. 

By getting everyone their own labels it will also cut down on what items belong to who too. Last year we lost some expensive sweaters and such in school, so keeping their school stuff labeled is also going to help us as well. 

Some Ways To Save Money Using Labels On These Items In School

  • Shoes
  • Extra Changes Of Clothes
  • Backpacks
  • Lunchbox or Lunch Bag
  • Water Bottles
  • Binders
  • Baby Wipe Containers
  • Diaper Bag

You can put these fun labels on everything that will be used in school to help with finding misplaced and lost items, it will have the child’s name, so it is easier to return to the owner. 

You can also get the special allergy alert labels, this is very handy! I know for Jehzel, this is very important to have since he can’t have gluten and for Sebastian who needs to stay away from dairy. Yiadan is allergic to certain antibiotics such as amoxicillin and penicillin, so it will be very important when he is away from me to have that crucial information handy for emergencies. 

Yiadan is allergic to certain antibiotics such as amoxicillin and penicillin, so it will be very important when he is away from me to have that crucial information handy for emergencies. 



At Home, We Will Use These Labels To Organize

Being organized starts at home, when they are young. We start labeling things not to teach the kids to be selfish but to guide them to be responsible for their own stuff. We have some common things the kids share and other things that are theirs. 

Some Things To Label Around The House

  • Toothbrushes
  • Toy Bins
  • Book Shelf
  • Pantry
  • Slippers
  • Personal Towels
  • Specific Toys
  • Vanity Bins

It is a short list, but you can use these handy and reliable labels in just about every situation. We will be using them in every room of our house and for each of us, adults too! 

I am excited to show you how we are using our own labels, I can’t wait for them to arrive. When they arrive, I will update this post to show exactly how we used them. For now, be sure to grab this 25% off before it is gone. 

Use code USFAMILY25Use code USFAMILY25Use Code USFAMILY25 At Checkout


Chocolate Kisses Games To Help Kids Retain Newly Learned Skills

Chocolate Kisses Games – A Tasty And Fun  Game

These chocolate kisses games will bring on lots of giggles, teach new skills and at the end, becomes a tasty treat. 

memory games with treats
Have Fun Playing Games and When Your Done, A Tasty Snack

Things Your Child Can Learn From This Chocolate Kisses Games

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Simple Math
  • Spelling
  • Sight Words

That is just a few things that your child can learn. They can also improve their eye-hand coordination, patience, perseverance, sportsmanship, turn taking, leadership and many other important skills they need to learn. 

memory game ideas. matching game ideas
Have Fun Learning and Then Have a Snack Afterwards!

What’s Needed For Your Chocolate Kisses Games

 With just a few items you can have this chocolate kisses games all set up and ready for playing. 

  1. 16 Hershey Kisses, per set
  2. White Dot Stickers
  3. Colored Markers

You can do all kinds of sets, depends on your child’s needs. A few ideas are letters, animals, shapes, colors, sight words and more. 

memory game idea
Supplies For Chocolate Kisses Memory Game

How To Set Up Your Chocolate Kisses Games

  • For a Color Matching Game: Using the white stickers, take your 8 favorite colored markers and color 8 sets of stickers a different color on 16 stickers.


  • For a Letter Matching Game: Using the white stickers, write 8 sets of your favorite alphabet letters on 16 stickers.


  • For a Number Matching Game: Using the white stickers, write 8 sets of your favorite numbers on 16 stickers.


  • For a Shapes Matching Game: Using the white stickers, write 8 sets of your favorite shapes on 16 stickers.
choclate kisses used in games. matching game ideas. memory game ideas
Have Fun WHile Learning Too

How To Play Chocolate Kisses Games

Now choose which game you want to make first and take 16 of the Hershey kisses and press a sticker on the bottom of each one.

Spread the kisses out on the table and take turns picking 2 kisses at a time until all the matches are found.

For younger kids, use one set at a time. To make a more challenging game for older kids, use numerous sets at the same time.

memory game ideas
Simple Yet Fun And Tasty!

These Chocolate Kisses Make Memorizing Stuff Pretty Easy Huh!

A great way to have fun and learn at the same time! The best part is when you are done playing you can eat up the chocolate kisses.

Tell me in the comments below what kinds of ideas you have come up with for variations to challenge the kids. Other parents may want to try out your idea!

I want to see your kids photos or video of them playing their own chocolate kisses memory game on our FB page -> Chocolate Kisses Memory Game 

Father’s Day Posters and Coupons For Dad And Me Days

Posters and Coupons To Help Encourage More Dad And Me Time

These Father’s Day printable coupons and posters will offer many opportunities for more Dad And Me moments to strengthen the bond between dad and child. 

He works many hours leaving little time for anything else. These coupons can be used as small yet fun reminders to ensure the most important task of being a parent is nurtured. 

Here is what the first page of the Father’s Day Coupon Booklet looks like


The Dad and Me Coupon Book Helps Encourage More One On One Time

Our team created this five-page coupon booklet with different things that dad can do with the kids. This gives more opportunities for them to bond, connect and improve their relationship…. while giving mom a break as well. 

These ideas can be used over and over again. Print out a few copies, one set for each child. To make them last longer and get more reusable time with them, laminate them. 

Be sure to grab some pictures and video of the kids and dad enjoying each others company. They will be able to look back at them years later and be reminded of those sweet moments. 

Fun Father’s Day Posters To Frame

Get some materials to make a custom decorated frame for these posters. Have each of the kids decorate the frames and add the posters to the inside. 

These Posters For Dad will help him remember how important his role is in a child’s life.

Father’s Day Posters Can Be Placed Inside Custom Decorated Frames and Coupons To Encourage More Dad and Me Bonding Time.



 Click On Each Photo Above To Grab Free Printables | Save To Your Computer | Print And Use | Let Us Know How It Turned Out | Download Link → Father’s Day Coupon and Poster Set

Baby Haeden’s Story

Sharing Baby Haeden’s Story For Help

Meet Mama Tiffany, she is a woman that I met in a Facebook group that I had recently joined. She was excited to be pregnant with a baby girl. 

She delivered Baby Haeden on March 27, 2017, her APGAR scores were great reading a nine and then an eight. Her doctors had already written off Baby Haeden and paid no attention to her scores, or anything else. 

Tiffany was devastated, holding her little baby in her arms watching her breathe, her plump little body snuggling contently on her chest. She pleads with doctors to listen to her, to not write her daughter off and continue to not look into other options for this little baby. 

Have you been in this situation? Pleading with doctors to find another way for your child to survive? 

It is so hard to look at your baby watching them breathe on their own, drink milk and soil their diapers knowing the doctors barely gave her hours to live. 

Baby Haden has been holding on for an entire week now! Go Baby Haeden! So beautiful and strong. Already proving doctors that they are so grim with your amazing presence. 

Baby Haeden needs your help. She was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Pulmonary Hypertension.

It was so heartbreaking listening to Tiffany talk about what Haeden’s echo said.



I asked Mama Tiffany if I can share their story because I know how great of a community you all are when it comes to sharing stories, giving support, and helping with resources. Let’s grab the attention of any doctors that can possibly help. 

Mama Tiffany is doing all she can but needs our help. She spends most of her time with Baby Haeden laying snuffled and cuddled on her chest. Baby Haeden is more content there, and it helps regulate her breathing and heart rate. In her fragile state mama needs to be with her at all times. 

Come together as a community with love, support, energy, and healing for both mama and baby. 

Please use the comment section below or go directly to Baby Haeden’s Facebook page to lend your ears, support and any knowledge of this condition. I will update this post as needed to give you an update on what is happening and how you can help. 

Thank you!

Here is an update


Mama Tiffany is asking for everyone’s help with at least some information about her baby’s condition. She looked it up as best she could and has learned others have lived with the surgery and she really wants that for her own baby. 

She is asking the public’s help in finding a doctor to take a look at Baby Haedans records and see if by any chance there is something that can be done. 

Tiffany would benefit greatly from your healing energies, your support, and inspirational stories that you can share with her and her family. 

Steps to Help Fail-Proof Your Child ~ By Cheli Cerra

One of the greatest lessons we can give our children is to be resilient. One of the most important things that can we do as parents is to create a MINDSET of “yes you can” for our kids. This starts early on with us listening and guiding them every step of the way. A mindset is extremely important since it creates the foundation for how far your child will go to succeed.


Yes, you can! As a parent, it is extremely important to understand that our mindset establishes how our children understand failure. Stanford University conducted a recent research study on the “mindset” of a parent and their kid’s failure.

“How would you react if your child came home with a D on a test?”

Sometimes our children may not do well in school because they don’t understand the teacher, the material, or emotionally something is bothering them. It’s important to understand that the way we handle failure with our children can help provide a path to their future success.

Your Reaction to the “D” will influence your child’s ability to learn math.

Think back to how you did in school and your parents reaction to when you failed. The “YES YOU CAN” mindset is important to counteract a mental block. In other words, if you react in a negative way about the “D” it may cause your child to think that they can no longer be good at doing math. The study also found that the way a child thought of themselves as being “smart” was directly related to how the parent reacted to the “D” on the math test. The research further found that children created their own beliefs about their own intelligence based on their parent’s reaction to failure.

What is a Parent to do?

Make the failure a life lesson. Ask your child what they learned from the quiz? As parents, we need to focus on the lesson.

When your child fails, or has a setback in school it is important to do the following:

1. Sit and ask your child what was the lesson they learned from the failure or setback. It may be that they did not understand the material, did not study or need extra help with the subject matter.

2. Reach out to the teacher. Make an appointment with the teacher to find out what is going on. Does your child seem to be having difficulty or was this an isolated incident?

What is very important as a parent to understand is that the belief that our children create will follow them through life. Think about it, how many of us are still counteracting the failures and situations that we went through as kids now in our adult life? I have a friend who is terrified of public speaking because she had a horrible experience doing a presentation in 5th grade.

The takeaway:
Make it a life lesson. Talk to the teacher. Create a positive mindset. Become a coach, and be supportive and allow your child the autonomy to begin to take responsibility with the “Yes I Can”, attitude.

Cheli Cerra is a Child Success Expert and Parent Strategist she works with moms to create a lifestyle of academic and emotional wellness for their kids. She is a published author, education expert on Fox News, award-winning school principal, and mom. She is currently working on her seventh book, Seven Steps to Fail-Proof Your Child.

Join her community at, her private group Cheli Cerra-Eduville Club on Facebook, follow her on twitter @chelicerra for more inside tips to living a smart life for you and your child.

Do You Know Your Child’s Learning Style?

Smart parents know that they are their child’s first and most important teacher. Do you know how your child learns best?

Children learn at different rates and different ways. Some learn best by listening (auditory learner) while others learn best by touching (kinesthetic learner). If you want to help your child become smarter than you need to know his/her learning style.

There are seven types of learning styles.

Child psychologists will tell you that there are a variety of learning styles categorized in a multitude of ways. To simplify this concept educators and psychologists have created seven different types of learning styles.

Your child may have one or two or even more of these styles. Realizing your child’s strengths and weaknesses is an important step every parent should take to maximize their child’s learning potential.

If your child has a weakness in a certain subject area due to his particular learning style, you can assist your child and work with the teacher and the school to overcome this weakness.

Taking this step can make a world of difference in a child’s success!

The Seven Learning Styles:

  1. Linguistic – children who are linguistic learners love language. They love stories and are very attentive during story telling time. BEST WAY TO LEARN: By describing orally what is being learned and using word games to learn facts.
  2. Mathematical – children who are mathematical learners love to observe, analyze, and create patterns. They like to sort things out and organize their resources. They love a step-by-step process. BEST WAY TO LEARN: By using an outline or a step-by-step guide to write down facts.
  3. Kinesthetic – children who are physical or kinesthetic can’t sit still. These children learn through movement or physical activity. BEST WAY TO LEARN: Through hands-on activities, jumping rope to the multiplication tables, tossing a ball to spell vocabulary words – they love to be moving!
  4. Intrapersonal – children who are intrapersonal like to be by themselves. They absorb information and tend to be quiet. They love research and learning by themselves. BEST WAY TO LEARN: Through individual rather than group study, writing and goal setting.
  5. Interpersonal – children who are interpersonal learners love to interact with others. They love to be helpers, are quite social, and prove to be great team players. They love to voice their ideas and opinions. BEST WAY TO LEARN: With a buddy.
  6. Musical – children who are musical learners are vibrant, rhythmic, and melodic. They can easily remember or memorize songs and jingles. They work well with background music playing as the music helps them stay focused! BEST WAY TO LEARN: Reading aloud information.
  7. Visual – children who are visual usually tend to be artistic. They enjoy drawing and coloring and pay great attention to detail. BEST WAY TO LEARN: Through pictures, diagrams, maps and charts.

Everyone has at least one primary learning style. Some children have a mix of styles with one being the most dominant and the other being the secondary dominant style.


As a parent, knowing your child’s learning styles will help you to bring out your child’s greatness!