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Halloween Goodies Swap Challenge

Halloween Goodies Swap Challenge I am challenging you to participate in a Nutritional Halloween Snack Swap. How many times have we gone trick-or-treating during Halloween and get a humongous bag full of candy for our little ones?

School Preparations Tips, Guides, Printables and more

Prepare for the School Year with these Resources Using these school preparations, tips, guides and printable kits will help you and your child get through the entire school year. Finding what works for you and your child

30 Days to a Stronger Child

30 Days to a Stronger Child Yes, in 30 days you can begin to set in motion extremely important life skills your child needs for adulthood. 30 Days to a Stronger Child can happen. These days we

Lunch Note Printables

Lunch Note Jokes  Kid Safe To Share With Friends Lunch time is basically the main time period during school where the kids can get a short break for being so serious, staying silent and being in learning

Kids Academy Preschool App and Printables

Have a preschooler or a child that needs help with writing, letters, numbers, spelling and more? I found a great kids learning resource for you! This blog has partnered with Mom Buzz Media to announce this exciting

Mom Conference

Mom Conference – Helping both you and I become better moms <3 I attended this Mom Conference last year. It is great to be able to have these conferences. This type is done virtually, whew. I love