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Car Seat Belt Safety For Kids And Teens

Getting And Keeping My Kids Safely Secured With The Proper Seat Belt Settings Is My Priority

Car seat belt safety for kids and teens is something that can be such a huge family outing stressor for some parents, this includes me.

I never claim to be the car safety or car seat guru, “nazi” as some call strict and passionate advocates, or even to be the perfect parent because even after being a child car provider for the last thirty years and a mother for twenty-one of those years…. Things change, I learn something new every year on this sort of topic. 

While I am not the perfect Mama, I have never claimed I am, I do my best to make sure my kids and the children in my car are safe as I can possibly get them to be.

Since moving to Florida I have become a very anxious driver I truly hate this. It mainly began after my car accident, where a lady was on her phone and slammed into me while at a red light. Ever since then, I will not even turn on my car until we are all in the seat, sitting upright and have our car seat belt adjusted and secured. 

I Do Not Fight Or Argue With My Boys About Having To Be Secured Using A Seat Belt; Wearing Our Seat Belts Even For Adults Is A  Non-Negotiable.

kids seat belt nd car safety
You Are The Driver, Do Not Turn On The Car Until They Are Properly Wearing Their Seat Belt And Secured. It Is Better Than The Negative And Permanent Alternative

There have been plenty of times where you look into the mirror or at a red light you take a glance back at everyone to check on them and may find that someone has slouched in their seat, fell asleep, or something else that has shifted them from being in their seat belt properly. At these times I remind them I will turn off that car, right then and there at the red light, my boys know when I say something… I Will Do it. They don’t like or want the embarrassment, so they quickly fix themselves. 

But what happens when you have a child that is being rebellious, isn’t trying to hear you, is having a tantrum, and flat out refusing? That is where you come back to a post just like this one and read through it with your kids. Sometimes kids won’t do it for their parents, but will when a non-parent tells them to….. So here I am, that non-parent. 

Hey there, I know you don’t like wearing such an uncomfortable seat belt; I get it, I am horribly claustrophobic and it has taken me a long time to agree to have to wear a seat belt.

I have to say, that after being in two car accidents that have not been my fault; but one car accident I had on a belt the other I did not … The Car Seat Belt Kept Me Safer And Reduced Injury To Me In My Second Car Accident.

Do I grumble, moan and complain about how the belt seems to “choke” me yes, every time and all during the car ride too! I get it, it doesn’t look cool either. But we have to do things that are not cool all the time, we have to do things that are mandatory.

Did you know that in some states, if an officer sees you without a seat belt on, they will stop the car and give the driver a huge ticket! Will you be paying this ticket? 

And if that is not enough, which it will not be… show them the fun videos on this post from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Series! ← They will listen more to him more than you or I put together. 

Car Seat Safety Facts:

  • Car crashes are a leading cause of death for children 1 to 13 years old
  • Every 33 seconds a child under 13 is involved in a car crash in the United States
  • 1 in 3 children killed in car crashes are completely unrestrained at the time of the crash
  • Car seats, if used correctly, can dramatically reduce the risk of fatality or injury. But over half of car seats are misused in a way that could reduce their effectiveness
  • Many parents and caregivers move their children to the next restraint type (car seat, booster seat, seat belt) too soon.  That’s why it’s important to get the facts about what’s safest for your child’s age and size

Every thirty-three seconds a child is involved in a car crash in the United States. For younger children, car seats can dramatically reduce the risk of fatality or injury – but over half of car seats are either installed or used incorrectly. For older children, buckling up is critical. A full 50% of children age eight to fourteen who were killed in car crashes from 2011-2015 were not restrained.

Part of the problem that I have encountered myself is not enough awareness, not enough people who physically help you in person. When we get the ok to go home from the hospital, they are not allowed to ensure that parents have the proper car seat, have it installed correctly or placing the children in it correctly. There is not that personal teaching that so many parents desperately want and need. 

Some say that if you go to your local fire department or police station though, some may be willing to give you a hand. This may not be the case for everyone, but give it a try. 


There Are So Many Car Seat Variations, How Do I Choose The Best Fit?

Parents and caregivers need to know about the importance of making sure their child is safely restrained—whether that’s selecting the right car seat for their child’s age and size, or making sure that older kids (8-14) always buckle their seat belts and sit in the backseat.

I went through this exact thing when Yaidan was born. There is a seven-year gap between him and Jehzel. It literally was like starting over. And the products and services that are around now are most definitely not what we had in 2008! When it came time to buy Yaidan’s car seat and many other things, yes I was at a complete loss at what to do! I know that what I needed and wanted had to compliment each other and for a little bit there, I gave up. It was that stressful! We bought his car seat the day he was born, and I already knew exactly when he was going to be born as a C-Section Mama lol.

When it came time to buy Yaidan’s car seat and many other things, yes I was at a complete loss at what to do! I know that what I needed and wanted had to compliment each other and for a little bit there, I gave up. It was that stressful! We bought his car seat the day he was born, and I already knew exactly when he was going to be born as a C-Section Mama lol. 

Having these videos and Car Seat Safety Guidelines is very helpful. When I went there, I found helpful tips and there is a few charts and calculators to help determine exactly what type of car seat to get.

It literally takes thirty seconds to buckle up. Getting hit by a car can happen in less time than that and you won’t know it is coming, it will happen at any time and to anyone. Car accidents have no discrimination, they are fair game for anyone. 

which child to parent battle to choose from bed making or car seat belt safety
As A Parent, We Are Challenged With Child-Parent Battles Daily. Life Gets Easier When We Learn Quickly Which Of Those Battles We Should Be Engaged With And Go For The Win.

As parents, we all want to do the right thing to keep our children safe and sound.  This spring, the Ad Council and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are unveiling new PSAs to address these important issues.  First, is the up to date car seat safety information like the tips found in the fun new video series “The Wide World of Car Seats.”

This is a great video to show you how to determine what type of child car seat is the safest

The right car seat can make all the difference in a motor vehicle crash. And car crashes are a leading cause of death for children 1 to 13 years old.  But despite their best intentions, many parents may not realize their child isn’t in the right seat.  

For example, many parents move their children to the next restraint type (car seat, booster seat, seat belt) too soon. Check The Right Carseat Guidelines Here.

That was a tough one for me when Jehzel was younger. This was during a time frame where he was feeling bad about himself because he has a problem with growth. He literally stopped growing when he was two years old. So when he was seven almost eight years old it was hard for him. Kids teased him, they saw him show up to school in a booster seat and they would ask him all the time why is he in a baby seat still, they were not in any seat. 


how to use a child booster seat. when should you use a child booster seat.
Jehzel Age 7.5 In His Cars Themed Booster Seat. He Did Not Like It, But Car Seat Safety Is Not A Popularity Contest For Us.





























It made it hard because I would question myself and he would question me about this ongoing issue. When he was almost seven years old, he still wore size 4T/5T! That is how short he was. However no matter the tears, he still for his safety needed to be in the booster seat, so he got a reward of the tablet that is in his lap to occupy himself away from that booster seat. 

In A Blink Of An Eye

And just when you think you’ve got this parenting thing down, your child becomes a “tween” then a teen and you enter a whole new world.  To help with travel safety, the Ad Council and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are unveiling new PSAs featuring characters from Fox’s upcoming summer road trip adventures Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul.

The PSAs remind parents and caregivers that even if kids argue and plead, parents should stand firm and always insist that their kids buckle up and sit in the back seat (the safest place for kids under the age of 13).

My boys love the whole series from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. They can easily read it, comprehend the message and we talk about all the different topics and issues that come up in them. I like it also because it speaks to them in their language and most of it is done in a serious but comical way. I highly recommend the series, but for now, have them watch this video with you.

Do Your Kids Like The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series, if so they can easily relate to this video ⇓

Being Consistent No Matter What Car They Are In Helps Build Solid Good Habits

Since birth, I have always stressed to my kids how important car safety is.  It doesn’t matter if they are in my car, their Papa’s car, aunt, uncle, neighbors or even a friends car. They must still adhere to taking measures to protect themselves. 

The same rule applies to anyone who is riding with us, even if they don’t do it elsewhere. This not only protects them but reminds them of what they should be doing. Plus it shows my kids that it really doesn’t matter where you are. Stick with safety no matter where you are, follow good habits and stay true to yourself. 

The other rule that I wholeheartedly and am strict about is kids not being in the front seat! My boys are not allowed in the front seat until they are sixteen years old… Yes, they must pass go on their sixteenth birthday in order to ride in the front seat, I do not care how short of a ride it will be, they have to sit in the back period.   

Throughout the car ride I am always checking on the kids, yes I know they are big and I know they can’t disappear from the car without me seeing them haha, I still have a habit of looking back there. Here is what I found about half way home during a four-hour drive.  

how kids should be using car seat belts

As soon as I saw them like this, I took their pictures because they need to see the difference in proper seat belt usage. They were tired after a long fun family day, I know but we have to stay on top of car safety, even during longer trips. We pulled over and got their pillows and such before returning to the road again. Sebastian already has his, so we had to remind him about the dangers, no matter how many eye rolls he gave me.

Per data from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an estimated 69,000 tweens are injured every year in car crashes and 61% of 14-year-old children killed in 2015 car crashes were unrestrained at the time of the crash.  Even though life as a parent is full of compromises, seat belt safety should never be up for negotiation. That’s why the new PSAs encourage us to: “Never give up until they buckle up!”

Seat Belt Safety Tips:

  • Emphasize short-term consequences or rewards  
  • No matter how hectic or chaotic your situation is, don’t negotiate over seat belt safety
  • Consistently model seat belt safety. Wear your seat belt and insist that all family members do the same
  • Never assume your kids are buckled up
  • Keep your child in the back seat until at least age 13


Seat Belt Safety Facts:

  • 50% of children age 8-14 who were killed in car crashes from 2011-2015 were not restrained at the time of the crash
  • An estimated 69,000 tweens are injured every year in car crashes
  • 61% of 14-year-olds killed in 2015 car crashes were unrestrained at the time of the crash


For more information or if you need more tips to convince your tween to buckle up, together with yur children visit Kids Safety In The Car Here and have a discussion with them. They can not argue with you when thy are faced with evidence based facts. 

*According to data from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

 If you have a question or great tip, join the conversation on social media using: #KidsBuckleUp.


30 Days to a Stronger Child

30 Days to a Stronger Child

Yes, in 30 days you can begin to set in motion extremely important life skills your child needs for adulthood. 30 Days to a Stronger Child
can happen.

These days we see so much negativity, it is up to us as a parent to teach various skills and instill great core values into the children. I am not talking about brain washing or forcing a child to do things they don’t want to.

I am talking about guiding your child so that they WANT to do good things for themselves and others.

Everyday I get PM’s on Facebook and other social forums, text messages and emails from parents who are looking for guidance in a particular situation.

Family Life Skills Activities
Family Life Skills Activities

A trend I notice is many of us are old school, how we grew up was a completely different world from todays society. I am 38 years old, spanking and bullying were an everyday occurrence, however the children of today are committing suicide because of the constant abuse.

If we go back to teaching life skills we can help these children become stronger and better equipped to handle various situations. It will also help with guiding your child into self discipline so they aren’t a part of the problem.

Let’s come in unity, join forces and let us build stronger children, more productive children, what we do today with them, and for them sets up the future.

I saw this book, 30 Days to a Stronger Child and I was lucky to grab it to do a full review for you! Thank you Educate, Empower Kids for letting me introduce these great activities to the community.

Hurry get it for just 99 Cents today!!!

This book helps us understand that we have accounts, exactly like bank accounts. Like how we have a checking and savings account.

If we go to pay for something it’s supposed to come out of our checking account, right? But at that moment of payment, you didn’t have enough money in your checking account, so the transaction still occurs but Borrows the funds from your savings…. Oh No! right.

We didn’t really want to borrow from another account, because then it means we are depleting that savings, you tapped into it to make a transaction happen. Not Good.

It is the same thing with us. If we guide our children on the best ways to use, save and spend on their accounts we are teaching them “how to fish” instead of handing them those fish. They will use critical thinking, rationing  and various other skills that come into motion with decision-making.

How are you using, saving and spending each of your accounts? What about your child?

  • Social
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Physical

Today I am going to talk about your Social Account. Your social account is important. You socialize everyday with people of various backgrounds. Your child does too. Many adults have a hard time dealing with certain backgrounds, imagine a child whom doesn’t have the skills like an adult has on how to react and behave. Where do they acquire these skills? From YOU!

Accountability Breeds Response-Ability. – Stephen Covey

I love that quote. It is so true. accountability and responsibility go hand in hand. To be responsible means you need to have self-discipline and have accountability towards yourself. What does this quote mean to you? What does it mean to your child?

These are  important life skills to teach our children.

Responsibility and Accountability

30 Days to a Stronger Child

I did some activities with each of my children, ages 19, 15, 11, and 8 years old. The baby is 11 months, he is too young for this just yet. I recommend to begin guiding a child starting around age 2 with these types of activities using age and ability appropriate words that speak specifically to that individual child.

We started with Social Account. in the book 30 Days to a Stronger Child
it gives us some background and education with resources on the topic, the activities, why those activities and guides you into a discussion based activity to do with your child.

I did each activity in full with each of my boys. I did them separately because they are 4 years apart and all have different abilities. I have two that are very high IQ, one just above average and the other we haven’t tested yet. We are still dealing with his communication issues, as he has 90% of the markers/tendencies for Asperger’s or Autism.

My 19 Year Olds Take on the Social Account Activities

A little background on him: I will talk about my oldest, he is 19 and deaf in one ear. He also has ADHD, ODD, Depression and Anxiety issues since he was very young. With all those things as you can imagine, social for him was horrible for him. For a number of years, the only time he seen sunshine was to go to school, it was that bad.

Having ADHD and ODD means he had a constant battle with himself with responsibility and accountability. It wasn’t until I removed him from public education when he was 13 years old and suicidal that he began to allow any of us to help guide him in his Social Account.

Now at the age of 19, he works full-time, and is extremely responsible and he takes accountability of his actions. he now thinks more critically about his actions, thinking, words and behavior.

All those things have to be in order with oneself before you can properly expel them into your surroundings.

I wish I had this book years ago, techniques and strategies we used were based on my background and with the help of medical professionals. This book years ago would have allowed us to start earlier.

This is why I wanted to review 30 Days to a Stronger Child. I want you to learn about these various resources as early as pregnancy occurs so that you can begin your child’s life with various tools and resources.

So add 30 days to a Stronger Child into your parenting toolbox today! The fastest way to get ahold of it is getting it from Amazon or Kindle today.

30 Days to a Stronger Child

I have deep conversations with my children in general, no topic is left untouched. My oldest was home from work so I took that opportunity to talk about Accountability.

We went over some education about Accountability first using the resources in the book. I know he is 19, it still makes sense to talk about it even still. I like to know where my child is at with definitions of words and what it means to them. I want to know their mindset first so I can talk to them in a way that resonates with them.

Then went into some interesting points talked about in the book. I will not reveal everything from the book, I highly recommend you get a copy for yourself and refer back to it as often as needed.

Though I will be journaling here about each activity in a summary form so that you can see how it helps us. I say us because even as a very seasoned mom of 19 almost 20 years, I am always learning something new. I do have medical background, took various classes on child growth, development, psychology and others to help me with handle various situations I have come across when it comes to children.

Some of you are new here, thank you for joining us. Others know I have helped foster children for 13 years, I have done nanny work both live-in and non live-in, I have worked in daycare both center based and home based, I have also mentored teens as well. A total of 23 years. Thank you staying with the community!

Here is a short summary of our conversation:

A 15 Year Olds Take on Responsibility and Accountability

Next up is my 15-year-old. His only issue is mood swings. Here is a summary of the activities with him:

Viewpoint of Accountability and Responsibility from an 11 Year Old

Then comes my 11-year-old. He has the highest IQ so far, struggles with ADHD and ODD as well. Here is his take on the whole Accountability Account:

An 8 Year Olds View of Accountability and Responsibility

Lastly comes my 8-year-old. The one who has the Autistic tendencies, We haven’t taken him for any formal testing, we are still doing therapies with him though.

We work on various social skills as he still goes mute a few times a day still. The Accountability Account activities for him are a great way to view things from his point of view and help him understand his role in Social Accountability. Here is what he got from this activity:

By the way, yes I am so proud of Jehzel for being willing to participate in the video series. He is doing great with communications, he even looks into the camera now!

How did the Social Accountability activities go for you and your child? I would love to hear about your experience in the comments about this section of 30 Days to a Stronger Child.

Don’t have it yet? Get your copy today on Amazon or your Kindle. Get a copy now before you check out other reviews.

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Mom Conference

Mom Conference – Helping both you and I become better moms <3

I attended this Mom Conference last year. It is great to be able to have these conferences. This type is done virtually, whew. I love virtual stuff, sometimes it just isn’t feasable to attend in person. Last year I gained lots of great information. This year isn’t any different. I will be coming back to this post and add what i have learned this year. I’d like you to come join me, it is free. When you are done, come abck and let’s discuss! Sign up free here -> Mom Conference

I am excited about this conference. I will be getting copies of it as well for reference. I know I am busy and I get distracted so getting a copy of the conference is best for me, yes even as a seasoned mom of 19 years. Each year I learn something new or my information and education on a topic is renewed.

Meet the speakers:

Holly Rigby

Mom conference speaker

Crystal Paine

mom conference speaker

Richard and Linda Eyre

mom conference speaker

John Maxwell





register for mom conference