Participating in World Breastfeeding Week

I am a Pro-Lactation Activist –

World Breastfeeding Week Is A Great Normalizing Start

Being a lactation counselor is so rewarding to me. I get to help hundreds of you in your journey, whether it’s for a few days or five years, I am happy to help you!

Are you joining and participating in the Big Latch-On and celebrating World Breastfeeding Week? #WBW2017

Let me just seriously point out that I am not at all against formula! Please do not even go there, I have happily used it for the last 30 years.

Supporting Moms Across The World With Their Breastfeeding Journey

I want to support you and help you in any ways that I can. I shared my personal breastfeeding journey and others have also joined in too. Be sure to check out these Breastfeeding and Pumping Journey’s Here. I want to hear your experience too, use the conversation box at the bottom of that post to let us know.

Breastfeeding for me hasn’t been easy but I wouldn’t have gone any other way unless there was a medical reason for it’and I have been down that path too. 

I breastfeed in public, no cover. I used to have a cover for one of my kids, but that wore off fairly quickly haha. This doesn’t mean that my breasts are all out there, quite the opposite, they are 100% covered! Whether you breastfeed with a cover or not, you are totally doing perfect!

I never had support in my own journey, I wish I did. It wasn’t until my third child was already in failure to thrive that I finally found mom forums for NICU babies, and that is where and when I started to get support for anything lactation related.

Thankfully you don’t have to go through it alone. You have the Whole World Here To Back You Up!

Celebrating You As A Lactating Mom

If you have taken on the extra steps of pumping for your children because you are working, going to school or baby just didn’t latch, you are doing wonderful!

If you are pumping milk and donating it to babies in need… WHOA there super-mama Thank You! 

No matter how your child is getting their breast milk please know that you are starting your child off with some long term benefits in many areas of their life. 

Whether your child got only colostrum or if your child got breast milk for their first six years, just know it is OK and such a superb beginning for them. 

Thank You To The New Laws To Get And Keep Babies On Breastmilk Longer

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I actually learned that we as humans “needed” laws to breastfeed our babies?!?!

We now have laws here in the United States that allow babies to get the milk they Need and Require for optimal health and nutrition. We shouldn’t need the laws, it is actually human rights really, but I am happy there are laws in place to protect these babies. 

Thank You to each of the companies who are providing lactating moms a safe, hostile free, clean environment for moms to pump out milk for children. 

How Can I help And Support You With Your Lactation Journey?

I would love to help you, I have had the pleasure to help others, and I want you to be next. You can ask questions below, you can request to join a Lactation FB group I admin for or you can even contact me either on my FB Page or my Instagram Account

I want to hear how you are participating this week and what you are up to!

Tell me in the conversation box below what you are doing. We would love to see your photos and if ever you would like for us to show your pictures in our blog posts or on our social media accounts like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook etc, please do send us what you’d like us to post to 

Gallery Of Lactation Info, Breastfeeding, and Pumping Pictures


Organizing Kids With Personalized Labels

Helping The Kids Stay Organized With Custom Peel And Stick Labels

Keeping kids organized can be such a chore these days. They really just want to go out and play with friends; Who can blame them huh. Get custom labels to help your family in many ways.

 This is a sponsored post brought to you by Label Daddy to help you save money and help your family stay organized. Please check out my affiliate and sponsors disclosure if you have any questions.

Start them off early, like when they are a toddler. It may seem silly because they can’t read yet. It will help them lots starting out early like when they are a toddler. It will help them with letter recognition and early reading skills. 

You can make labels for colors, type of toys to match the box it goes in, and just about anything you like to help with reading skills. 

Photo credit: Label Daddy

These labels can be personalized, they are washable, yes even in the dishwasher and easy to peel and stick. 

Choose your favorite colors, team, characters and more to get them as customized as you like. Your child will be easily able to recognize their own stuff this way. 

We will be using our labels for both home and school, I have a couple of younger ones and one happens to be a toddler. He is in the “mine” stage, so it is a great time to get him his own custom labels so we can begin guiding him with learning to be and stay organized as well as helping him with ownership and responsibility for his belongings. 

By getting everyone their own labels it will also cut down on what items belong to who too. Last year we lost some expensive sweaters and such in school, so keeping their school stuff labeled is also going to help us as well. 

Some Ways To Save Money Using Labels On These Items In School

  • Shoes
  • Extra Changes Of Clothes
  • Backpacks
  • Lunchbox or Lunch Bag
  • Water Bottles
  • Binders
  • Baby Wipe Containers
  • Diaper Bag

You can put these fun labels on everything that will be used in school to help with finding misplaced and lost items, it will have the child’s name, so it is easier to return to the owner. 

You can also get the special allergy alert labels, this is very handy! I know for Jehzel, this is very important to have since he can’t have gluten and for Sebastian who needs to stay away from dairy. Yiadan is allergic to certain antibiotics such as amoxicillin and penicillin, so it will be very important when he is away from me to have that crucial information handy for emergencies. 

Yiadan is allergic to certain antibiotics such as amoxicillin and penicillin, so it will be very important when he is away from me to have that crucial information handy for emergencies. 



At Home, We Will Use These Labels To Organize

Being organized starts at home, when they are young. We start labeling things not to teach the kids to be selfish but to guide them to be responsible for their own stuff. We have some common things the kids share and other things that are theirs. 

Some Things To Label Around The House

  • Toothbrushes
  • Toy Bins
  • Book Shelf
  • Pantry
  • Slippers
  • Personal Towels
  • Specific Toys
  • Vanity Bins

It is a short list, but you can use these handy and reliable labels in just about every situation. We will be using them in every room of our house and for each of us, adults too! 

I am excited to show you how we are using our own labels, I can’t wait for them to arrive. When they arrive, I will update this post to show exactly how we used them. For now, be sure to grab this 25% off before it is gone. 

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