Father’s Day Posters and Coupons For Dad And Me Days

Posters and Coupons To Help Encourage More Dad And Me Time

These Father’s Day printable coupons and posters will offer many opportunities for more Dad And Me moments to strengthen the bond between dad and child. 

He works many hours leaving little time for anything else. These coupons can be used as small yet fun reminders to ensure the most important task of being a parent is nurtured. 

Here is what the first page of the Father’s Day Coupon Booklet looks like


The Dad and Me Coupon Book Helps Encourage More One On One Time

Our team created this five-page coupon booklet with different things that dad can do with the kids. This gives more opportunities for them to bond, connect and improve their relationship…. while giving mom a break as well. 

These ideas can be used over and over again. Print out a few copies, one set for each child. To make them last longer and get more reusable time with them, laminate them. 

Be sure to grab some pictures and video of the kids and dad enjoying each others company. They will be able to look back at them years later and be reminded of those sweet moments. 

Fun Father’s Day Posters To Frame

Get some materials to make a custom decorated frame for these posters. Have each of the kids decorate the frames and add the posters to the inside. 

These Posters For Dad will help him remember how important his role is in a child’s life.

Father’s Day Posters Can Be Placed Inside Custom Decorated Frames and Coupons To Encourage More Dad and Me Bonding Time.



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Baby Haeden’s Story

Sharing Baby Haeden’s Story For Help

Meet Mama Tiffany, she is a woman that I met in a Facebook group that I had recently joined. She was excited to be pregnant with a baby girl. 

She delivered Baby Haeden on March 27, 2017, her APGAR scores were great reading a nine and then an eight. Her doctors had already written off Baby Haeden and paid no attention to her scores, or anything else. 

Tiffany was devastated, holding her little baby in her arms watching her breathe, her plump little body snuggling contently on her chest. She pleads with doctors to listen to her, to not write her daughter off and continue to not look into other options for this little baby. 

Have you been in this situation? Pleading with doctors to find another way for your child to survive? 

It is so hard to look at your baby watching them breathe on their own, drink milk and soil their diapers knowing the doctors barely gave her hours to live. 

Baby Haden has been holding on for an entire week now! Go Baby Haeden! So beautiful and strong. Already proving doctors that they are so grim with your amazing presence. 

Baby Haeden needs your help. She was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Pulmonary Hypertension.

It was so heartbreaking listening to Tiffany talk about what Haeden’s echo said.



I asked Mama Tiffany if I can share their story because I know how great of a community you all are when it comes to sharing stories, giving support, and helping with resources. Let’s grab the attention of any doctors that can possibly help. 

Mama Tiffany is doing all she can but needs our help. She spends most of her time with Baby Haeden laying snuffled and cuddled on her chest. Baby Haeden is more content there, and it helps regulate her breathing and heart rate. In her fragile state mama needs to be with her at all times. 

Come together as a community with love, support, energy, and healing for both mama and baby. 

Please use the comment section below or go directly to Baby Haeden’s Facebook page to lend your ears, support and any knowledge of this condition. I will update this post as needed to give you an update on what is happening and how you can help. 

Thank you!

Here is an update


Mama Tiffany is asking for everyone’s help with at least some information about her baby’s condition. She looked it up as best she could and has learned others have lived with the surgery and she really wants that for her own baby. 

She is asking the public’s help in finding a doctor to take a look at Baby Haedans records and see if by any chance there is something that can be done. 

Tiffany would benefit greatly from your healing energies, your support, and inspirational stories that you can share with her and her family.